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Welcome to our Site!

Hi Fellow Homeschoolers.  Thanks for coming to our page.  Please look around and browse through our Blog or Forum, Check out our links and of course subscribe to our newsletter and mailings.  Happy Schooling!


Homeschool Support Services is a Educational Institution providing assistance and support, along with materials and digital services, to Homeschool families around Australia.  We bring together a variety of schooling styles and methods and help each family to achieve the best educational outcomes for their students.

We have seen a lot of local groups primarily based as a Facebook community groups,  bring local families together and also offer calendars of events, newsletter and community forums all designed to help spread Homeschool knowledge and help.  We are also here for them, and offer a suite of FREE systems and platforms to help them in their groups.  Our admin team are parents just like you, wanting to help homeschool families get the best for their students.

We welcome you and hope you join us soon.  Please follow this link HERE to join our group and receive our mailings and newsletter.