We made it !

After almost a year in the making (I am quite busy if you ask anyone other than my wife lol), but we have finally made it!.  Welcome to our new site!

We had the idea to put together a site for you to access and use as many FREE resources as we could put together for you. We are still gathering all that stuff but wanted to get out there so we could get you set for next school year. What better way to end the school year by preparing for the next one.

What is this all about ??

We have a wide variety of offerings to put out there for you, even some massive awesome stuff that normally people pay heaps for! BUT, we are still getting it all together.

Best options from here are to register with all of our services and mailings and we can start advising you of whats available. Generally speaking we are only offering our services to families registered on our lists. This ensures that we can concentrate on getting what you need without the hassles of maintaining a up to date presence.

So sign up for the Newsletter, Digital Network and the Forums and get ready for next year!

Happy Schooling!